My Favorite Proposal Story

My Favorite Proposal Story!

What happens before the proposal…

Over the years of being a wedding planner, one of the questions that I always ask each couple is how did he propose? I love to have the groom tell his version and then have the bride tell hers. The interesting part is that each one reveals so much about the couple. There is so much thought put into the actual proposal and even more care in selecting just the right ring. The ring seems to cause so much distress for the guys. Will you like it? Is the diamond large enough? Flawless enough? The guys especially worry that you will find it before he actually gets to propose- just like in the movie Bridal Wars. They hide it and act weird and they try to only tell certain people so that you don’t find out. After all they want to surprise you. I have heard stories about the ring being in your guys pocket as he is whisking you away on a flight to Paris to propose – of course you have no idea about all of this.. Anyway, he has it tucked away safely in his pocket as he is asked to remove everything from his pockets in case he is concealing a weapon and as you can imagine he is acting worried and trying to whisper which only makes the airport security more suspicious. You keep wondering what is wrong with him but you are going to Paris and that is both romantic and exciting.