Wedding Thank You Card Etiquette

Wedding Gift Thank You Card Etiquette

Make sure you thank your guests for their wedding gift!

Saying Thank You means your guests matte long after your wedding!

You will receive more gifts and money for your wedding than most of your birthdays in your life combined, for good reason.  However, you shouldn’t take this gifts or people who gave them to you for granted, they may have given you something that took great effort to get.  For this reason you should consider a few things when sending out “Thank You” cards.

  1. Don’t wait more than three months to make out and send out your thank you cards to everyone who brought you a gift.  Remember that the more time you take the less thankful and gracious you seem to be and you don’t want to give that impression to anyone.
  2. Make sure you address everyone from the family that attended the wedding in the card that you send.  Remember, most women are the ones that actually go out and purchase the gifts so even if you don’t know the woman well make sure she gets her due credit.
  3. It is very important that you document in your card what it was that the person or people who bought it for your actually bought.  When you are opening gifts  you should write down who bought what so you can reference it, this will only make people more happy with your card.

Do all of these things and you are guaranteed to have people feel great about their gift giving and remember that as other events – such as having your first  baby- occur in your life.