What does the Groom’s Family Pay For?

The traditional idea and the often quoted lines are that the bride’s family basically foots the bill for the wedding of the bride and groom.  While this is true in many cases it is not entirely true when you consider the things that the groom’s family does step forward to pay for.  The list below is about a few things that the groom’s family is expected to pay for in the wonderful day.

  • The fees commanded by the clergy or officiate of your wedding are to be paid by the family of the groom.  This can be quite costly at times and can really be aided if the family of the groom is willing to step forward.
  • One of the most memorable times of the wedding process is the rehearsal dinner that follows the wedding rehearsal.  This is traditionally the evening before the wedding and is attended by all members of the wedding party and some other select family or friends.
  • The corsage that the bride will wear as well as the boutonnieres worn by the groomsmen are paid for by the groom’s family.  These can get quite pricey the bigger the wedding party gets, but it is nice when the family of the groom has the financial wherewithal to pay the bill.

What does the Bride’s Family Pay For?

The cost of a wedding is exponential and generally overwhelming for the bride and groom to think about in the time leading up to the wedding.  It is very hard to try to figure out how to put all the expenses together in the time you have available and pay for the day of your dreams.  This is why the family of the bride and groom step up to pay for many different aspects of the wedding process.

Here are a few things the bride’s family is expected to pay for:

  1. All fees related to the church or chapel where the ceremony takes place and where the reception is to be held.  This is a well-known tradition that will knock many a father of the bride silly.
  2. Invitations can be quite costly and have recently started to be paid for by many more bride and groom couples.  However, traditionally it is the bride’s family that pays for such things.
  3. The flowers that are put up in the church and at the reception are generally paid for by the family of the bride.  This is another that can go either way, but traditionally the bride’s family has been expected to step forward in this situation.

Finding Something Blue For Your Wedding

Wearing “Something Blue” on your wedding is part of the tradition for your wedding day. The best part is that as a bride, you get to have a choice on what the Something Blue will be.

Here is a list of ideas:

  • Blue flowers in your bouquet, such as hydrangeas
  • Lingerie with touches of blue
  • Ice blue toenail polish
  • A dramatic blue-red lipstick
  • Tiny blue details, such as flowers or blue stones, scattered on a long veil
  • A delicate pale blue barrette
  • A beautiful blue Austrian crystal
  • Blue Parasol
  • Blue Satin Ribbon Attached to your slip
  • A blues band at your reception
  • A silk, midnight blue wedding gown (who says it has to be white?)
  • Blue Wedding Shoes (My personal favorite)
Turquoise Jimmy Choo Sandals

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