Get the Groom Involved in Wedding Planning

Ask Your Spouse To Help You Plan A Part Of The Wedding

Guys Can Plan Weddings Too!

Your Groom Help You With The Decisions For Planning Your Wedding?

Men are traditionally told that all they have to do in the wedding process is show up in a tuxedo and say “I do”.  While it is true that this is a very important part of the process it is not true that it is or should be their only role or right.  Every groom should be involved in the wedding process even if it is to simply give his opinion on the decisions that are be or have been made.

While it is a traditional gender role that tells men that they don’t have to be involved, it is true that men don’t have much excitement about the process.  They aren’t excited about picking out flowers or looking for dresses because it is not of interest to them, but they could be excited about choices.  Don’t get the groom involved to much in the beginning stages, they haven’t been considering the details like colors for their entire lives.

One way to change this, is to ask your groom which part of the wedding would he like to plan? Guys are great at focusing on a task until it is completed. Make sure that you discuss all of your wants and needs concerning the portion of your wedding he is willing to take on. Perhaps he could plan the bar and make a list of what will be needed the day of your wedding. Maybe you could have him take over the logistics and scheduling. I have known several grooms that have planned the music even hiring a live band or making CD’s or loading an Ipod for all components of a wedding from the Wedding Ceremony to the Reception. They are so great about helping us – we just have to let go and trust that our soon to be spouse knows us better than anyone and will make sure that above all else we are happy.

Whittle down the choices to two or three options most men will give their opinions on and become involved in the process.  This will give your groom a feeling of ownership in the wedding and make it feel like a day for the both of you.  This will only give you more of a feeling of unity on the day of the wedding. The best part is that you will find that you make a great team and you no longer have to do everything by yourself!

What does the Bride Pay for?

It is the inevitable and sad truth of the wedding process that the bride and groom do have to open their purses and wallets quite often.  There are several large purchases to be made by both and this is where you can make or break your finances for quite some time.  What follows below is a few examples of what the bride is expected to pay for in the wedding process, like it or not!

  1. You are expected, unless you have a very wealthy family, to pay for your own wedding dress in most instances these days.  This was not always the case in the past but has become more accepted as the role of women has changed in our society.  Make sure to shop around and find your dream dress for the best bargain.
  2. As the bride, you are expected to buy the wedding ring for your future husband.  Luckily for you, the groom’s ring is infinitely less expensive in almost every situation than that of the bride.  Make sure you know what your man likes or he may not wear it as often as you would like.
  3. Finally, the bride is expected to get a gift of some sort for the groom.  This can be as large or small as you and your future spouse would like it to be, but there should be something.  Some small memento of the day and your love for one another.

What do the Bridal Party and Groomsmen pay for?

The bridal party and the groomsmen in the wedding play a large role in that they are to be the supporting cast of the future husband and wife.  These people are the ones you have chosen to stand beside you as you pledge your life and love to your partner.  With all of this being said it is a logical assumption to assume that these people must pay for something in the expensive wedding process, right?

Well you are party correct if you answered yes to the above posed question.  The bridal party and the groomsmen are obviously responsible for several of the party aspects of the wedding process.  The shower where you are your fiancé will receive many of your gifts is usually thrown by the bridal party.  This is where so many memories can be made.

Also, the bridal party and groomsmen are responsible for putting together the bachelorette and bachelor parties that are so important.  This is important to remember when picking your best man and maid of honor, make sure these people are people that you trust to not let you get out of hand.  The bridal party and groomsmen don’t foot a lot of the bill, but they do help cover some of the costs of the wedding.