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Here are 4 ways to reach me:

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2.) I can also be reached by phone and have my main office in Tampa, Florida. I work with clients, Destination Brides and future Honeymooners from all over and you will find that I am very easy to talk with and bounce ideas off of for your Wedding and Honeymoon Plans.

3.) Another great way to contact me is through Skype. It is free service and you can call from anywhere in the world. The other reason I am so fond of Skype is that I can share photos, wedding planning worksheets, wedding forms, and so on with the Sharing feature. My Skype Name is DebbieRivera. Give it a try – just send me an email ahead of time so we set up an appointment to talk.

4.) Since most of our clients enjoy using Email, we wanted to give you this easy to complete form that is a fill in the blank format so that you can quickly send us the information about your special day.  I personally read each one of these emails and look forward to getting to know all about the ideas and details of your wedding or event.

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