Tips for Planning Your Wedding Reception

There are a million different things to consider when you are planning a wedding ceremony and a reception, some big and some small.  One of the larger groups of decisions you must make is in reference to your reception, there are many things to consider.  The following is a few things that you should consider when planning your wedding reception:

  1. If you are making assigned seating for everyone at your reception you need to take in to account the general energy between the people at the table.  Are they all old or young?  Are they relatives, friends or a mix?  Do these people knowingly not like each other?  All of these things could affect the atmosphere.
  2. One of the biggest ways to enhance or ruin the atmosphere of the wedding is the question of alcohol.  Yes, it can loosen people up and cause for a great party vibe, but it could also cause a scene with unruly people.  The balance is what type of party you want to have.
  3. What type of food you serve will have a direct impact on the type of reception you will have.  If you serve a meal, people will likely sit and talk most of the reception.  If you have finger foods or cheese and crackers people will be much more inclined to get up and walk around to mingle.