Don’t Get Carried Away With Diet Plans for Your Wedding

Looking Your Best On Your Wedding Day

Set realistic goals for your wedding day.

You will look gorgeous on your wedding day.

A wedding is intimidating to many men and women because of the fact that you know this is the largest event that you and your fiance will plan. Besides that, there are so many details and decisions to make. Who should you invite to the wedding?  Where should the ceremony and wedding reception take place? What kind of food will be served and in what manner? Stations, Buffet, full-plated service? What should your bouquet look like, and so on.  Then there are  the   pictures and videos that are not only taken on your wedding day but will be around for the rest of your life.  This is great in one respect as you will be able to reminisce and fondly share your wedding with each other. Besides these are the happy memories you will create for a lifetime.

However, sometimes the very thought of having to be in front of so many family and friends as well as being photographed so many times can send you into panic mode. You may decide to start a diet regiment or join Bridal Boot Camp dieting and exercising to lose weight.  Just be sure to set realistic goals and have a great support system. Perhaps all your bridesmaids will start with you.The point is to start with a goal such as lose 15 pounds in 4 months or tone and firm my legs in 3 months. Set your goal as something that is doable and fits into your schedule.

With a diet & exercise plan, working, sharing time with your fiance, and planning a wedding – you are bound to feel the stress. That’s where your support system comes in and helps you to stay on track without feeling overwhelmed. Ask for help. Delegate early on in your wedding planning. It will really help you focus on losing weight or toning up.

Losing weight should be put in to perspective. One thing I know for sure in planning weddings is that all brides are absolutely stunning on their wedding day. You will be too, I promise.  You should only try to lose weight and tone-up if you have that set that as a goal to meet for your wedding day.  As long as you lose weight the right way you will be excited and happy on your wedding day. I already know that you will glow and Wow your groom.

Why is the Rehearsal Dinner Important?

The wedding ceremony and reception are often thought of as the biggest parts of the wedding and what will make or break its effectiveness.  People spend hours, days and weeks planning these two things without realizing that they could have an impact on them before they even happen.  The most underrated event of the wedding process is the rehearsal dinner that occurs the night before.

First, the rehearsal dinner is important because in many cases it is the first time that the close relatives will intermingle.  The more of an opportunity they have to get to know each other at this event the better they will get along the next day.  You have the opportunity to see just what the vibe will be like the next day by surviving this important event.

Next, the rehearsal dinner is important because it begins to set the tone for the type of wedding day that you want with those close to you.  If you intend on a very formal and traditional wedding or a laid-back relaxed wedding this is your opportunity to set the tone.  Don’t overlook the power of the rehearsal dinner, it could make or break the actually wedding day for everyone.

What does the Groom pay for?

Men are notoriously sly when discussing the wedding and showing any excitement for this day that is so widely accepted as “the bride’s day”.  This though process has begun to change as more and more men are willing to say out loud that they enjoy the planning and experience of the wedding.  One thing that makes this difficult is the process of paying for all of the expenses of the wedding.

Here are three things the groom is expected to pay for:

  1. Her ring.  You know that next to a house and a car this will likely be the most expensive thing that you every purchase in your lifetime.  Remember that this will be a symbol of your love for your wife for many years to come, make it a hit and make it last.  Shop with her leading up to the purchase to see what she likes.
  2. You must pay for your tuxedo purchase or rental and in the case of your groomsmen renting tuxes you often pay for that too.  This is a nice gesture if you are asking people to travel long distances to be in your wedding.  Save them a bit of money and pick up the tab.
  3. A gift for the bride to give to her in the hotel room or on your honeymoon is a great gift opportunity.  Give something sentimental or something expensive, either way, it will be something she will remember for years to come.