Wedding Planning Tips: Ceremony and Reception At The Same Location

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When you are planning a wedding there are any number of ways to factor in planning your wedding to help your guests be comfortable and able to enjoy the celebration .  One way that will assure your guests enjoyment in your day would be having your ceremony and reception in the same location.  This will cut down on confusion for your guests. Think about it this way – your some of your guests will be from out of town. If you are having a Destination Wedding, everyone will be new to the surroundings.  For those living in vicinity of your wedding venue, they may still be unfamiliar with that particular location. This will also cut down on your stress the day of the wedding with so many phone calls from lost wedding guest especially if your wedding ceremony and wedding reception are in two different locations.

First, it is important to remember that many of your wedding guests many not be familiar with the location of your wedding ceremony or reception.  If they are not familiar with either they will be struggling to find both in one day, which could cause a lot of undue stress.  Even though your map and directions inserted in your wedding invitation may be perfect, people still have a hard time following a route. Of course, a great GPS can certainly help lead the way.

Second, it is important to remember that you will have a limited amount of time at your own wedding reception due to your wedding photographs being taken after your ceremony.  Time seems to go by so quickly once the ceremony starts. Besides you will be anxious to join your wedding guests and if you are still at the ceremony site taking pictures this will cut down on your enjoyment of your reception and having to drive across town could cut down even more.  Don’t let your wedding day be more stressful  and lose any time with family and friends because the ceremony site is logistically too far away from the reception. The whole point is for you to have a wedding day that is wonderful, stress-free, and exactly the way you wanted. Just keep in mind these concepts when choosing a wedding venue that works for you. If you think about all sides to your wedding day from the bridal room to the dance floor, you will be able to make the right choice for your wedding day.

Wedding Tip Idea: When planning a wedding for one bride having her ceremony at a church and the reception at the beautiful Safety Harbor Resort and Spa the solution was to have the cocktail hour start later in order to give guests a chance to relax. This allowed the bride and groom to complete the after ceremony pictures at the church and then join their guests at the beginning of the cocktail hour.

What Does a Wedding Coordinator Do for Me?

Champagne Wishes EventsWedding coordinators can be another wedding expense that you think you can leave out  but they can also be the one thing that will make or break the biggest celebration in your lifetime.  The amount of time and money that goes in to having a beautiful and wonderful wedding makes it necessary to consider having a coordinator for anyone who is getting married.  Here are a few choices that are made easier by having a wedding coordinator.

  1. Venue- Your wedding coordinator can help you find the perfect place for your wedding to suit your hopes and dreams.  Beyond this, the coordinator will help you create a vision for the room that you decide to use for your ceremony.
  2. Vendors- It is a very intimidating and will feel like you are making a shaky decision to come up with the vendors involved in your dream wedding.  The choice of the right caterer, band or DJ can be very difficult unless you have the right wedding coordinator that knows the area vendors well.
  3. Color Scheme- Many people don’t have a theme in mind or they know the colors they want in their wedding but not how to make it all come together.  A good wedding coordinator will help you put all of your wishes into one nice and systematic wedding experience. They are your secret weapon for a successful wedding .

Wedding coordinators are not a must have for a wedding, but they can make the entire process infinitely easier and worth every penny.