Take Advantage of the Internet in Your Wedding

The internet has changed our world in countless ways and in countless situations, but many people don’t think of this as life happens.  We are so entrenched in traditional steps to take with a wedding that we sometimes forget that the internet has made many wedding steps easier.  Listed below are three ways that the internet has changed wedding and wedding planning.

  1. The Guest List: A guest list was once upon a time a dreaded list that was tough to compile because it was in notebooks and sticky notes all over the place.  This all changed with the internet as guests lists can be updated and edited with ease.
  2. Invitations: It wasn’t long ago that you had to spend hours in a bridal shop picking out what invitations you wanted from a bound book.  A long line was always in place which made it hard to make a choice, but now you can view all invitations on the internet.
  3. Videography/Photography: With the ease of use and access to open source programs all over the internet you can save money with your photographer or videographer.  All you have to do is have someone shoot the shots and you can edit to your heart’s delight.