What does the Groom pay for?

Men are notoriously sly when discussing the wedding and showing any excitement for this day that is so widely accepted as “the bride’s day”.  This though process has begun to change as more and more men are willing to say out loud that they enjoy the planning and experience of the wedding.  One thing that makes this difficult is the process of paying for all of the expenses of the wedding.

Here are three things the groom is expected to pay for:

  1. Her ring.  You know that next to a house and a car this will likely be the most expensive thing that you every purchase in your lifetime.  Remember that this will be a symbol of your love for your wife for many years to come, make it a hit and make it last.  Shop with her leading up to the purchase to see what she likes.
  2. You must pay for your tuxedo purchase or rental and in the case of your groomsmen renting tuxes you often pay for that too.  This is a nice gesture if you are asking people to travel long distances to be in your wedding.  Save them a bit of money and pick up the tab.
  3. A gift for the bride to give to her in the hotel room or on your honeymoon is a great gift opportunity.  Give something sentimental or something expensive, either way, it will be something she will remember for years to come.