What does the Bride Pay for?

It is the inevitable and sad truth of the wedding process that the bride and groom do have to open their purses and wallets quite often.  There are several large purchases to be made by both and this is where you can make or break your finances for quite some time.  What follows below is a few examples of what the bride is expected to pay for in the wedding process, like it or not!

  1. You are expected, unless you have a very wealthy family, to pay for your own wedding dress in most instances these days.  This was not always the case in the past but has become more accepted as the role of women has changed in our society.  Make sure to shop around and find your dream dress for the best bargain.
  2. As the bride, you are expected to buy the wedding ring for your future husband.  Luckily for you, the groom’s ring is infinitely less expensive in almost every situation than that of the bride.  Make sure you know what your man likes or he may not wear it as often as you would like.
  3. Finally, the bride is expected to get a gift of some sort for the groom.  This can be as large or small as you and your future spouse would like it to be, but there should be something.  Some small memento of the day and your love for one another.