Consult with Your Wedding Photographer Before the Wedding

Few things in the wedding process will cause more grief and heartache than the photographer and the job they do or do not do for your wedding.  A photographer can make or break the memories with the job they do on the actual photos, but can cause stress on the wedding day with certain things as well.  Here are a few things you should consider with your photographer before the wedding day arrives.

  1. Make sure you set ground rules for what photos are and are not to be taken at the wedding.  If you don’t like to be pictured while kissing, make sure this is known.  If you don’t want photos of emotional friends and family make sure this is clearly stated as well.
  2. Get together with your photographer and make a list of photos that you definitely know you want before the wedding day arrives.  Separate the list in to what can be done before the ceremony and after to save time and get to the reception even faster.
  3. Inform your photographer of certain photos you want taken before the ceremony of things that are not people.  For example, the bride’s bouquet or a table of food, cake or pictures needs to be pointed out if it is not the traditional photograph.

Follow these rules and your wedding photos are sure to be exactly as you want them!