How To Have A Valentine’s Themed Wedding

The 1st step to be taken is to have the bride wear a white dress that has red accents throughout. This will bring about the colors of Valentines Day. To make it even better, have the men wear red ties with their tuxedos. You will need to do this because it will bring out the point you want to make about your love. You need to carefully avoid adding in other colors that will take away from this red theme.

The next step is going to be to look for a garden or greenhouse to have your wedding in at least one year in advance.. Things that you will need to avoid here are waiting until the last minute or jumping the gun and taking the first available spot.

The third step is going to be to get a good string quartet to play the ceremony and reception. This is very important because it will set the romantic mood for your special day. What is essential to avoid here is getting a string quartet that is not locally respected or known.

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