How To Have a Hollywood Wedding

The initial step is to try to reserve an old theater or ballroom to have the ceremony in. You really need to get this because it will give you the glamorous look that you are going for. You need to avoid anything that is too traditional or of religious affiliation.

Your second step is to find classic attire for the wedding party to wear. What you should avoid here are tuxedos and dresses that look like something out of a Norman Rockwell painting. Go with something the movie stars of the 50s would have worn. And you also should avoid trying to dress like a character, just try to dress as if you were a star of the movies.

The third step will be to get a swing band to play at the reception. This is important because it is fun and light music that will get everybody in the mood to have a good time. What’s essential to avoid here is music or entertainment that feels like any other wedding, Hollywood is about glitz and glamor. How fun is that!

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