How To Have a Spring Themed Wedding

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Spring Themed Wedding In White

Pink is not the only color theme to use for a spring wedding.

For most of us, spring means the start of new life. Flowers bloom, and the earth wakes up from a long hibernation. If you live in a warmish climate, the perfect place for your spring wedding might be outdoors in a garden that’s bursting with fresh flowers.

As the weather begins to heat up and gardens start to bloom, many brides find the perfect setting for their special day among the greenery and budding flowers. There are so many ways to set off an outdoor wedding in springtime!

Spring is a popular season for weddings. Rightfully so since everything about spring is fresh and new. This is the same for your wedding day. You are embarking on a new journey as husband and wife. A new chapter in the book of your lives. The great thing about spring, is that there are not only plenty of flowers to choose from for everything from your bouquet to the wedding reception centerpieces. Even the cake can reflect your spring theme by having a cake with colored icing instead of white.  Perhaps having a spring themed wedding might possibly be of right for you. Here is a great way to have a spring themed wedding in 3 easy steps.

The 1st step to be taken is to book a church or ceremony site as close to Easter as you can. You’ll also need to get the reception location booked as well because it this is such a popular time for weddings.

The second step will be to make the colors something that would remind people of spring, like pink and green. Shades of blue work well for a springtime wedding color scheme. Try  Chocolate and pink or blue wedding color scheme. How about orange and hot pink for your wedding color scheme? Even purple works well for a spring wedding. Just be mindful to avoid here are colors that do not promote your theme.

The third step is to design the reception menu to include food of spring like fresh fruits and vegetables. This will be significant because it will make the spring feeling come to life in your reception. The most important thing to avoid is having anything in your wedding or reception that does not resemble spring.

Think of unique ways to make your wedding have that spring look and feel. One way is to have a candy buffet or desert table that compliment your color theme. You can also bring the spring wedding theme alive by selecting linens for the tables with beautiful sheer overlays to accentuate your color scheme.

There are several weddings where I have setup a ribbon tree as part of the decor which adds to that touch of spring.

There are so many ways to compliment your spring wedding theme from place cards to table settings. Let you imagination and creativity take hold and design a special spring type element for your wedding day.

Let me know what you came up with.