How To Have a Spring Themed Wedding

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Spring Themed Wedding In White

Pink is not the only color theme to use for a spring wedding.

For most of us, spring means the start of new life. Flowers bloom, and the earth wakes up from a long hibernation. If you live in a warmish climate, the perfect place for your spring wedding might be outdoors in a garden that’s bursting with fresh flowers.

As the weather begins to heat up and gardens start to bloom, many brides find the perfect setting for their special day among the greenery and budding flowers. There are so many ways to set off an outdoor wedding in springtime!

Spring is a popular season for weddings. Rightfully so since everything about spring is fresh and new. This is the same for your wedding day. You are embarking on a new journey as husband and wife. A new chapter in the book of your lives. The great thing about spring, is that there are not only plenty of flowers to choose from for everything from your bouquet to the wedding reception centerpieces. Even the cake can reflect your spring theme by having a cake with colored icing instead of white.  Perhaps having a spring themed wedding might possibly be of right for you. Here is a great way to have a spring themed wedding in 3 easy steps.

The 1st step to be taken is to book a church or ceremony site as close to Easter as you can. You’ll also need to get the reception location booked as well because it this is such a popular time for weddings.

The second step will be to make the colors something that would remind people of spring, like pink and green. Shades of blue work well for a springtime wedding color scheme. Try  Chocolate and pink or blue wedding color scheme. How about orange and hot pink for your wedding color scheme? Even purple works well for a spring wedding. Just be mindful to avoid here are colors that do not promote your theme.

The third step is to design the reception menu to include food of spring like fresh fruits and vegetables. This will be significant because it will make the spring feeling come to life in your reception. The most important thing to avoid is having anything in your wedding or reception that does not resemble spring.

Think of unique ways to make your wedding have that spring look and feel. One way is to have a candy buffet or desert table that compliment your color theme. You can also bring the spring wedding theme alive by selecting linens for the tables with beautiful sheer overlays to accentuate your color scheme.

There are several weddings where I have setup a ribbon tree as part of the decor which adds to that touch of spring.

There are so many ways to compliment your spring wedding theme from place cards to table settings. Let you imagination and creativity take hold and design a special spring type element for your wedding day.

Let me know what you came up with.

Wedding Day Jitters

Wedding Day Glamor With Champagne Wishes

Special Moments Right Before The Wedding Ceremony

It is normal to feel nervous and anxious on your wedding day.

Be sure to give yourself at least 5 minutes before walking down the aisle. Every moment has been spoken for on your wedding day. This is the moment you have planned for and worked for to finally see your dream come true. Now, take 5 and relax before you set out down the aisle. It will make such a difference in allowing you a chance to prepare and settle yourself. You have had so many people around you and now you just need to center yourself and focus. Afterall, you will soon be joining your groom for that first glimpse of you. Being a special moment in itself, it is important that you can take it all in. Relax, take 5, and enjoy that walk down the aisle.

This is a defining moment for you and your groom. Make the moment last as long as you can. Take in all the details, the family and friends that are joining in your celebration. Notice each and every detail. You will be glad you did. Most importantly walk with the assurance and confidence that all is in place and complete. No more endless lists of “To Dos”. Everything is taken care of.  Now is your moment to shine and fulfill your wedding dream and know at the same time that today is the special day to celebrate your love and commitment to each other. Today you marry your best friend.

Your wedding day is finally here and all eyes are on you. Good Luck. I wish you love and happiness.

Don’t Forget About Decorating Your Wedding Cake Table

Make your wedding cake stand out!

Red roses will make your black and white wedding cake stand out.

Let Them Eat Cake At Your Wedding.

Don’t forget to decorate the cake table at your wedding reception. Use rose petals, votive candles to make the cake table stand out.  You will want you cake elevated to show it off and set it apart from the other tables at the reception. Add a special element like glass or a custom cake stand to give it that elegant look. It will actually make your cake look larger and stand out in a ballroom or wedding venue. Make your wedding cake stand out with a bright accent color. Use the opposite linen color from your wedding color scheme to make it stand out. You can also use a sheer overlay that is a shade lighter or darker than the linens you will use for the guests. Have the cake table compliment your sweetheart table or head table if sitting with your bridal party. Find a cake topper that sets the cake off or use fresh flowers as in this picture. There are so many ways to make your cake table stand out. My favorite is to use a combination by elevating the cake, putting it on a great custom cake stand , using votives – lots, and swagging the sheer fabric with a small bouquet at each swag. No matter what, think about the cake table as an opportunity to let your sense of style shine at your wedding. Come up with something unusual that stands out and makes your cake table look classic and elegant.

Wedding Thank You Card Etiquette

Wedding Gift Thank You Card Etiquette

Make sure you thank your guests for their wedding gift!

Saying Thank You means your guests matte long after your wedding!

You will receive more gifts and money for your wedding than most of your birthdays in your life combined, for good reason.  However, you shouldn’t take this gifts or people who gave them to you for granted, they may have given you something that took great effort to get.  For this reason you should consider a few things when sending out “Thank You” cards.

  1. Don’t wait more than three months to make out and send out your thank you cards to everyone who brought you a gift.  Remember that the more time you take the less thankful and gracious you seem to be and you don’t want to give that impression to anyone.
  2. Make sure you address everyone from the family that attended the wedding in the card that you send.  Remember, most women are the ones that actually go out and purchase the gifts so even if you don’t know the woman well make sure she gets her due credit.
  3. It is very important that you document in your card what it was that the person or people who bought it for your actually bought.  When you are opening gifts  you should write down who bought what so you can reference it, this will only make people more happy with your card.

Do all of these things and you are guaranteed to have people feel great about their gift giving and remember that as other events – such as having your first  baby- occur in your life.

Wedding Planning Tips: Ceremony and Reception At The Same Location

Spice up your wedding day with Chivari Chairs and Hot Pink and Orange SashesMake your wedding day easy on both you and your wedding guests.

When you are planning a wedding there are any number of ways to factor in planning your wedding to help your guests be comfortable and able to enjoy the celebration .  One way that will assure your guests enjoyment in your day would be having your ceremony and reception in the same location.  This will cut down on confusion for your guests. Think about it this way – your some of your guests will be from out of town. If you are having a Destination Wedding, everyone will be new to the surroundings.  For those living in vicinity of your wedding venue, they may still be unfamiliar with that particular location. This will also cut down on your stress the day of the wedding with so many phone calls from lost wedding guest especially if your wedding ceremony and wedding reception are in two different locations.

First, it is important to remember that many of your wedding guests many not be familiar with the location of your wedding ceremony or reception.  If they are not familiar with either they will be struggling to find both in one day, which could cause a lot of undue stress.  Even though your map and directions inserted in your wedding invitation may be perfect, people still have a hard time following a route. Of course, a great GPS can certainly help lead the way.

Second, it is important to remember that you will have a limited amount of time at your own wedding reception due to your wedding photographs being taken after your ceremony.  Time seems to go by so quickly once the ceremony starts. Besides you will be anxious to join your wedding guests and if you are still at the ceremony site taking pictures this will cut down on your enjoyment of your reception and having to drive across town could cut down even more.  Don’t let your wedding day be more stressful  and lose any time with family and friends because the ceremony site is logistically too far away from the reception. The whole point is for you to have a wedding day that is wonderful, stress-free, and exactly the way you wanted. Just keep in mind these concepts when choosing a wedding venue that works for you. If you think about all sides to your wedding day from the bridal room to the dance floor, you will be able to make the right choice for your wedding day.

Wedding Tip Idea: When planning a wedding for one bride having her ceremony at a church and the reception at the beautiful Safety Harbor Resort and Spa the solution was to have the cocktail hour start later in order to give guests a chance to relax. This allowed the bride and groom to complete the after ceremony pictures at the church and then join their guests at the beginning of the cocktail hour.

Don’t Get Carried Away With Diet Plans for Your Wedding

Looking Your Best On Your Wedding Day

Set realistic goals for your wedding day.

You will look gorgeous on your wedding day.

A wedding is intimidating to many men and women because of the fact that you know this is the largest event that you and your fiance will plan. Besides that, there are so many details and decisions to make. Who should you invite to the wedding?  Where should the ceremony and wedding reception take place? What kind of food will be served and in what manner? Stations, Buffet, full-plated service? What should your bouquet look like, and so on.  Then there are  the   pictures and videos that are not only taken on your wedding day but will be around for the rest of your life.  This is great in one respect as you will be able to reminisce and fondly share your wedding with each other. Besides these are the happy memories you will create for a lifetime.

However, sometimes the very thought of having to be in front of so many family and friends as well as being photographed so many times can send you into panic mode. You may decide to start a diet regiment or join Bridal Boot Camp dieting and exercising to lose weight.  Just be sure to set realistic goals and have a great support system. Perhaps all your bridesmaids will start with you.The point is to start with a goal such as lose 15 pounds in 4 months or tone and firm my legs in 3 months. Set your goal as something that is doable and fits into your schedule.

With a diet & exercise plan, working, sharing time with your fiance, and planning a wedding – you are bound to feel the stress. That’s where your support system comes in and helps you to stay on track without feeling overwhelmed. Ask for help. Delegate early on in your wedding planning. It will really help you focus on losing weight or toning up.

Losing weight should be put in to perspective. One thing I know for sure in planning weddings is that all brides are absolutely stunning on their wedding day. You will be too, I promise.  You should only try to lose weight and tone-up if you have that set that as a goal to meet for your wedding day.  As long as you lose weight the right way you will be excited and happy on your wedding day. I already know that you will glow and Wow your groom.

Get the Groom Involved in Wedding Planning

Ask Your Spouse To Help You Plan A Part Of The Wedding

Guys Can Plan Weddings Too!

Your Groom Help You With The Decisions For Planning Your Wedding?

Men are traditionally told that all they have to do in the wedding process is show up in a tuxedo and say “I do”.  While it is true that this is a very important part of the process it is not true that it is or should be their only role or right.  Every groom should be involved in the wedding process even if it is to simply give his opinion on the decisions that are be or have been made.

While it is a traditional gender role that tells men that they don’t have to be involved, it is true that men don’t have much excitement about the process.  They aren’t excited about picking out flowers or looking for dresses because it is not of interest to them, but they could be excited about choices.  Don’t get the groom involved to much in the beginning stages, they haven’t been considering the details like colors for their entire lives.

One way to change this, is to ask your groom which part of the wedding would he like to plan? Guys are great at focusing on a task until it is completed. Make sure that you discuss all of your wants and needs concerning the portion of your wedding he is willing to take on. Perhaps he could plan the bar and make a list of what will be needed the day of your wedding. Maybe you could have him take over the logistics and scheduling. I have known several grooms that have planned the music even hiring a live band or making CD’s or loading an Ipod for all components of a wedding from the Wedding Ceremony to the Reception. They are so great about helping us – we just have to let go and trust that our soon to be spouse knows us better than anyone and will make sure that above all else we are happy.

Whittle down the choices to two or three options most men will give their opinions on and become involved in the process.  This will give your groom a feeling of ownership in the wedding and make it feel like a day for the both of you.  This will only give you more of a feeling of unity on the day of the wedding. The best part is that you will find that you make a great team and you no longer have to do everything by yourself!

Take Advantage of the Internet in Your Wedding

The internet has changed our world in countless ways and in countless situations, but many people don’t think of this as life happens.  We are so entrenched in traditional steps to take with a wedding that we sometimes forget that the internet has made many wedding steps easier.  Listed below are three ways that the internet has changed wedding and wedding planning. [Read more…]

What does the Groom pay for?

Men are notoriously sly when discussing the wedding and showing any excitement for this day that is so widely accepted as “the bride’s day”.  This though process has begun to change as more and more men are willing to say out loud that they enjoy the planning and experience of the wedding.  One thing that makes this difficult is the process of paying for all of the expenses of the wedding.

Here are three things the groom is expected to pay for:

  1. Her ring.  You know that next to a house and a car this will likely be the most expensive thing that you every purchase in your lifetime.  Remember that this will be a symbol of your love for your wife for many years to come, make it a hit and make it last.  Shop with her leading up to the purchase to see what she likes.
  2. You must pay for your tuxedo purchase or rental and in the case of your groomsmen renting tuxes you often pay for that too.  This is a nice gesture if you are asking people to travel long distances to be in your wedding.  Save them a bit of money and pick up the tab.
  3. A gift for the bride to give to her in the hotel room or on your honeymoon is a great gift opportunity.  Give something sentimental or something expensive, either way, it will be something she will remember for years to come.

What does the Bride Pay for?

It is the inevitable and sad truth of the wedding process that the bride and groom do have to open their purses and wallets quite often.  There are several large purchases to be made by both and this is where you can make or break your finances for quite some time.  What follows below is a few examples of what the bride is expected to pay for in the wedding process, like it or not!

  1. You are expected, unless you have a very wealthy family, to pay for your own wedding dress in most instances these days.  This was not always the case in the past but has become more accepted as the role of women has changed in our society.  Make sure to shop around and find your dream dress for the best bargain.
  2. As the bride, you are expected to buy the wedding ring for your future husband.  Luckily for you, the groom’s ring is infinitely less expensive in almost every situation than that of the bride.  Make sure you know what your man likes or he may not wear it as often as you would like.
  3. Finally, the bride is expected to get a gift of some sort for the groom.  This can be as large or small as you and your future spouse would like it to be, but there should be something.  Some small memento of the day and your love for one another.