Tips to Buying the Perfect Wedding Dress

The purchase of a wedding dress can be very intimidating and almost terrifying to some women who have dreamed of the day for their entire lifetime.  With the amount of money that goes into the dress and the significance of the day in the span of your life it is a purchase that is not taken lightly.  Due to these circumstances it is often a decision that is fraught with regret and second thoughts when the purchase has been made and the time is ticking.

Here are a few tips to make the process a little easier.

  1. Remember to bring a trusted friend or family member with you to your dress fitting or purchasing.  Even if you don’t trust their sense of style a friend or family member could tell you if it looks odd or different on you.
  2. Buy a few wedding dress magazines and thumb through them to find the style or look that you want before you leave the house.  This could save you valuable time when you are looking for dresses to try on at the dress store.
  3. Don’t get suckered in to thinking if you don’t buy now you won’t have a chance to buy the dress from a certain store.  They will likely have it in the days and weeks after your visit and if they don’t someone else likely will.

New Wedding Ideas

Wedding Day Sparkle

Today I found exactly what I was looking for to give you the look you want to create as a bride on your wedding day… check out these options

Champagne Wishes Weddings

Wedding Day Bangle

Champagne Wishes Weddings

Accent Your Wedding Day

Champagne Wishes Weddings

Wedding Day Hair Fashion

So much to look at…

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The Perfect Complement To Your Wedding Gown

Okay…I admit it, I watch Platinum Weddings too. I watched several of the episodes last night and one particularly caught my wedding eye. Always on the look out for fabulous finds,  I noticed the belt that one of the brides added as a great bridal accessory to her wedding dress. Of course it depends on the dress you select but I actually loved the look it creates for you as a bride. I was then looking at a couple of blogs and saw these pictures. They come from a great collection and you can check out all of them at where you also find some great options for headpieces too.  What do you think?

Great Details For Your Wedding Day