Wedding Day Jitters

Wedding Day Glamor With Champagne Wishes

Special Moments Right Before The Wedding Ceremony

It is normal to feel nervous and anxious on your wedding day.

Be sure to give yourself at least 5 minutes before walking down the aisle. Every moment has been spoken for on your wedding day. This is the moment you have planned for and worked for to finally see your dream come true. Now, take 5 and relax before you set out down the aisle. It will make such a difference in allowing you a chance to prepare and settle yourself. You have had so many people around you and now you just need to center yourself and focus. Afterall, you will soon be joining your groom for that first glimpse of you. Being a special moment in itself, it is important that you can take it all in. Relax, take 5, and enjoy that walk down the aisle.

This is a defining moment for you and your groom. Make the moment last as long as you can. Take in all the details, the family and friends that are joining in your celebration. Notice each and every detail. You will be glad you did. Most importantly walk with the assurance and confidence that all is in place and complete. No more endless lists of “To Dos”. Everything is taken care of.  Now is your moment to shine and fulfill your wedding dream and know at the same time that today is the special day to celebrate your love and commitment to each other. Today you marry your best friend.

Your wedding day is finally here and all eyes are on you. Good Luck. I wish you love and happiness.

Don’t Forget About Decorating Your Wedding Cake Table

Make your wedding cake stand out!

Red roses will make your black and white wedding cake stand out.

Let Them Eat Cake At Your Wedding.

Don’t forget to decorate the cake table at your wedding reception. Use rose petals, votive candles to make the cake table stand out.  You will want you cake elevated to show it off and set it apart from the other tables at the reception. Add a special element like glass or a custom cake stand to give it that elegant look. It will actually make your cake look larger and stand out in a ballroom or wedding venue. Make your wedding cake stand out with a bright accent color. Use the opposite linen color from your wedding color scheme to make it stand out. You can also use a sheer overlay that is a shade lighter or darker than the linens you will use for the guests. Have the cake table compliment your sweetheart table or head table if sitting with your bridal party. Find a cake topper that sets the cake off or use fresh flowers as in this picture. There are so many ways to make your cake table stand out. My favorite is to use a combination by elevating the cake, putting it on a great custom cake stand , using votives – lots, and swagging the sheer fabric with a small bouquet at each swag. No matter what, think about the cake table as an opportunity to let your sense of style shine at your wedding. Come up with something unusual that stands out and makes your cake table look classic and elegant.

New Wedding Ideas

Finding Something Blue For Your Wedding

Wearing “Something Blue” on your wedding is part of the tradition for your wedding day. The best part is that as a bride, you get to have a choice on what the Something Blue will be.

Here is a list of ideas:

  • Blue flowers in your bouquet, such as hydrangeas
  • Lingerie with touches of blue
  • Ice blue toenail polish
  • A dramatic blue-red lipstick
  • Tiny blue details, such as flowers or blue stones, scattered on a long veil
  • A delicate pale blue barrette
  • A beautiful blue Austrian crystal
  • Blue Parasol
  • Blue Satin Ribbon Attached to your slip
  • A blues band at your reception
  • A silk, midnight blue wedding gown (who says it has to be white?)
  • Blue Wedding Shoes (My personal favorite)
Turquoise Jimmy Choo Sandals

Find The Right Wedding Shoes

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Wedding Traditions

Something Blue Wedding

Proposals Gone Seriously Wrong!

The proposal starts everything in motion for wedding planning. Here are some great stories about wedding proposals gone seriously wrong from Cosmopolitan.

These sidesplitting stories prove that the pop-the-question process doesn’t always go smoothly.

By Bethany Heitman

Champagne Wishes Wedding Proposals

The Perfect Wedding Proposal

Ring Around the…Ow!
“I was ecstatic when my boyfriend of three years proposed. He took me out to dinner, and the actual proposal was really emotional and touching. Even better: He invested in a serious rock for me. When he went to slip it on my finger, it was a little small, but I was so excited that I forced it on. Within an hour, my finger had swollen to twice its normal size, and the ring wouldn’t come off. When my finger turned blue, my fiancé dragged me to the emergency room. The doctor took one look and said he would have to cut off the ring. I cried the entire time. Luckily, we were able to get a bigger band for the diamond the following week.”

—Samantha, 27

“I love my girlfriend and knew she was The One. But for some reason, I got nervous whenever I thought of asking her. Finally, I decided to put my fears aside and just do it. One night, I asked her to go on a walk with me, and then I got down on one knee. I blurted out the question, and she said yes and started crying. All the emotion and nervousness got the best of me because as she was jumping up and down, I bent over and threw up. We have been married for a year and can laugh about it now, but it was a sore subject for quite some time.”

—Eddie, 29

Alternate Plans
“I wanted to ask my girl to marry me at 12:01 a.m. on her birthday. Weeks in advance, I let her sister, Lisa, know my plan and told her to expect an excited phone call shortly after I popped the question. The day before my girlfriend’s birthday, I went to pick up the ring from the jeweler. I was bummed when they told me it wasn’t ready yet and decided to postpone asking her. That night, she and I still went out, and when I went to the bathroom, my girlfriend happened to call her sister, who picked up and screamed ‘Congrats, bride-to-be!’ I had forgotten to fill Lisa in on the change of plans, and the surprise was totally ruined.”

—Tim, 32

Gold Digger
“My guy and I had been dating for about a year when we decided to go on a vacation to Mexico together. After a romantic dinner on our last night there, we took a stroll on the beach. I was thinking about how much fun we were having when I looked down and saw that he was holding a ring in front of me. We hadn’t been together for very long, and I was so shocked that I screamed, causing him to jump and drop the ring. When he went to get it, it was buried in the sand. We spent 10 minutes digging it up before I could say yes.”

—Elise, 30

A Rocky Proposal
“My boyfriend took me to New York City for the weekend and scheduled all these romantic events, like a carriage ride in Central Park, a trip to the top of the Empire State Building, and a really fancy dinner at a nice restaurant. I thought for sure he was going to ask me to marry him because we had been talking about it for a while. So when he hadn’t asked by the end of the weekend, I got really pouty and picked a fight about whether he was serious about us. He tried to calm me down with his usual ‘I’m certain you’re The One; I just want the time to be right,’ but I was so mad that I started packing so I could go to the airport and leave early. He finally had to tell me that he’d planned to ask me that night after a Broadway show. I didn’t believe him until he pulled a ring box out of his suitcase. Unfortunately, my bullying had totally destroyed the moment.”

Tricia, 24

Surprise Strikeout
“I am a huge baseball fan, and my girlfriend, Sarah, became one too. When I decided I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her, I knew just how to ask her. I got tickets to a game, called the field, and paid to have ‘Sarah, marry me’ flashed across the jumbo screen. I was told that the announcement would be shown between the fourth and fifth innings. So when Sarah got up to go to the bathroom after the third inning, I thought it wouldn’t be a big deal. As I was sitting there by myself, the announcement flashed on the screen, and a camera pointed directly at our seats. The entire stadium saw me sitting there alone. Sarah came back a few minutes later, but by that time, the moment was long over. I asked her anyway, but it wasn’t quite the surprise I had hoped for.”

—Jonathan, 28

Indecent Proposal
“My boyfriend called and told me to meet him at his place for a date. I was running late, so I decided just to go over first and then get ready — I leave plenty of makeup and clothes there. I drove over in pajama pants, with my hair in a ponytail, and wearing no makeup. When I walked in, my entire family was standing there, and my guy was on one knee. Flashes started going off as my two sisters began taking pictures. All I could think about was how terrible I looked for one of the most important moments of my life. I was so embarrassed that I actually started crying. Thankfully, everyone thought it was because I was happy.”

—Erin, 23

In the Doghouse
“Tanya, my girlfriend, really wanted to get a puppy, but I told her I didn’t think we were ready for that responsibility. About a year later, I knew I was ready for our relationship to go to the next level, so I planned a sweet surprise for her. I picked out the perfect ring, then found a breeder and bought a baby golden retriever. One day, when Tanya wasn’t home, I brought the dog there and tied the ring around its neck with a thick pink ribbon. I figured that she would come home, the puppy would run up to her, and she’d find the diamond. Well, she got home, found the puppy, and was thrilled…but when I told her to look around its neck, nothing was there. Somehow, when I wasn’t looking, the dog had pawed the ribbon off its neck. We had to ransack the entire house to find the ring.”

—Mike, 31

4 Tips for Getting the Proposal You Want

1. Keep All Love Expectations Real
High hopes in any romantic situation are normal, but there’s no need to freak if things don’t go as fantasized.

2. Enlist Your Friends
Ask a pal to let you know when you’re overreacting. Sometimes friends think you want them to humor your unrealistic complaints. And don’t judge your guy based on what your friends’ boyfriends do. It is not fair to him (those dudes have flaws too!) and will only make you miserable.

3. Focus on the Good
He showed up with two dozen tulips, totally spacing that you love pink gerbera daisies? Thank him for remembering that you love flowers, and concentrate on how lucky you are to have a man who tried. Dwelling on what you didn’t get only encourages you to find fault.

4. Drop Hints

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