Why is the Rehearsal Dinner Important?

The wedding ceremony and reception are often thought of as the biggest parts of the wedding and what will make or break its effectiveness.  People spend hours, days and weeks planning these two things without realizing that they could have an impact on them before they even happen.  The most underrated event of the wedding process is the rehearsal dinner that occurs the night before.

First, the rehearsal dinner is important because in many cases it is the first time that the close relatives will intermingle.  The more of an opportunity they have to get to know each other at this event the better they will get along the next day.  You have the opportunity to see just what the vibe will be like the next day by surviving this important event.

Next, the rehearsal dinner is important because it begins to set the tone for the type of wedding day that you want with those close to you.  If you intend on a very formal and traditional wedding or a laid-back relaxed wedding this is your opportunity to set the tone.  Don’t overlook the power of the rehearsal dinner, it could make or break the actually wedding day for everyone.